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Developed by GBT Founder, Dan Galaz, GBT utilizes the laws of physics by applying different physical principles conceptually to help in determining a prescribed change in movement pattern(s).  For instance, the principle of Impulse – Momentum (Ft = mv or, simplified as Ft = mv)which states that the impulse is equal to the change in momentum.  Where impulse is the duration time  the force is exerted on the mass or the baseball to change the momentum of the system or increase the velocity of the baseball.  This principle can be used to demonstrate how a pitcher can increase velocity and improve accuracy while preventing injury.  A way to interpret this notion is by solving this equation to equal what is of interest (i.e. pitching and hitting). 

Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 11.34.04

Evaluation of players takes place by observing movement patterns to pin point discrepancies in mechanics, mobility and range of movement. If the player is recovering from an injury, a rehabilitative method is used to assist in the recovery and prevent future injuries from occurring . 

A proprioceptive approach to functional anatomy is taken at GBT to efficiently teach proper movement patterns more quickly. This produces kinesthetic awareness in the player where (s)he can sense sound or poor movement patterns immediately to self-correct. At GBT, cognition, functional anatomy and physics are the core of player development. 

The aim of GBT's player development program is to equip each player with the awareness to self-coach and self-correct. This enables players to sustain their own movement efficiencies and patterns throughout their careers.

" This transfer of momentum from body to ball involves a biomechanical principle called sequential summation of movement. According to this principle, the largest body masses move first, followed by progressively smaller ones, in much the same way a multi-stage booster rocket jettisons a satellite into space: the large booster starts the process, is jettisoned, then is followed by the burning and jettisoning of progressively smaller and faster stages, until finally the small satellite is released at high speed. In baseball, the pitcher drives first with his legs, then his hips, shoulders, arm, wrist, and fingers. As each part approaches full extension, the next part in the sequence begins to move, efficiently transferring momentum in a whip-like action. Proper timing is necessary to produce speed and accuracy, and to avoid strain and injury. "

Exploratorium's David Barker explains it best in his quote below of how the pitcher's transfer of momentum is analogous to a rocket launch:

Our Process


"I attribute a good portion of my success to instruction I received from Dan through the critical development years [in high school and college]. I personally believe Dan's knowledge of pitching, his ability to instruct and to evaluate talent is of major league caliber."

-Michael Lee

Pitcher, Boston Red Sox

8th round draft pick


"I'd recommend my teammates to go work with Dan if they are serious about making it to the next level. My only regret is not finding Dan sooner."

-Kellin Deglan

Catcher, Texas Rangers

1st round draft pick, 22nd overall


"Dan's ability to raise draft stock is unmatched. He is truly an authority in baseball player development."

-Chuck Armstrong

President, Seattle Mariners




Tel: 206-930-2577

Coeur d'Alene, ID



Since 1996, GBT has developed countless young baseball talent at all levels. Using biomechanical analysis supported by the laws of physics and more specifically, the laws of mechanics, GBT Founder, Daniel O. Galaz has formulated a training system that is among the safest and most effective in the sport for increasing power, maximizing velocity and preventing injury in all positions. The GBT system is dynamic in its approach, always taking into account individual players' training needs and body structures. GBT's Player Development Program also incorporates a consultative method to players' years of development, preparing them physically and mentally for the upper echelons of the sport.  Players are trained, mentored and guided through the program, typically on a long-term basis, with the aim of achieving their baseball career goal, be it a scholarship to college or increased MLB draft stock. Whether the goal is to simply improve fielding skills or to be a first round MLB draft pick, GBT helps achieve success and shapes better, smarter baseball players.

In the last ten years, Dan has developed a forensic system to identify and prioritize what may have caused a given injury.  In implementing his process, Dan has gained the respect of top orthopedic surgeons in the area who refer patients that have sustained elbow and shoulder injuries, or have undergone Tommy John surgery. Among said top orthopedic surgeons is Dr. Edward Khalfayan MD, leading orthopedic surgeon of the Seattle Mariners and Seattle Seahawks. 


Once patients/players are referred, Dan will determine the cause of injury after he has analyzed their pitching motion on video prior to the injury, and they answer a series of questions that is a part of his investigation. Dan then formulates the process they will take to return the player to the mound.


Reduce the potential for injury


Improve accuracy and/or contact


Increase velocity and/or bat speed

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